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This Honduran coffee comes from the Guinope LIFT cluster, in the southeastern region of Honduras near the Nicaragua border. This cluster is currently in their third year with the program, and has seen great results. Through LIFT, farms have realized a 50% increase in production and a similar increase in coffee, increasing the overall sustainability of the farms. All the farms participating in LIFT are Rainforest Alliance certified.

For our anaerobic lots, ripe coffee cherries were fermented in tanks for up to 48 hours in sealed tanks without oxygen. This displaced the oxygen in the tank, limiting the type and voracity of microorganisms in the fermentation process. The cherries were then submerged in water before being sundried on raised beds for about 20 days. This creates a coffee with a very bright acidity and a lot of sweetness, but without being fruity. The flavors in an anaerobically processed coffee are singular and do not come from any other type of process. The notes of lemon, cherry cordial and port wine reflect that.