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Colombia, El Aguila

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Limited Run: Colombia, El Aguila

This Colombian is washed & sun-dried with flavor notes of mulberry, bittersweet chocolate, and herblike black tea. While it’s more complex than other comparisons in the region, it delivers on flavor and makes for an excellent coffee for a crowd. Brew some for your next dinner party (or just yourself!). However, this El Aguilla is more unique for it’s sustainable roots as it’s a part of a great initiative- Red Associations—that support farmers. Read on below for more…

Specifically, the municipality of El Aguila is known for its abundant coffee production, which is the region’s main source of income. As a part of the Red Association initiative, individual farmers are paid fairly with a fixed minimum price to ensure a transparent payment system. This initiative has seen the household income of a typical coffee producing family double, compared with the average income in the regular market over the past 5 years.

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